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that's what's making news in america this morning. p. >> stay with us for "good morning america. . you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> as you head out for the morning commute new information you need to know the mta can listen in on your conversations on the buses. >> young boys preyed upon by men they trusted. now the boy scouts releases thousands of pages detailing the accusations. how many cases were reported in the baltimore area. >> two women videotaped in the privacy of their homes police have pictures of the peeping tom but he is on the loose. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. on friday you want to know what the weather is light and hopefully right now is not an indication of the rest of the
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weekend. >> let's stand by with a check of the forecast. getting people out the door and looking ahead to the weekend. >> we have wet weather and lightning and thunderstorms and right now some showers just moving in across the area. things beginning to taper off from the south to the north this morning. and all this is pushing off towards the northeast. we have one lone shower around reisterstown and owings mills and randalltown and woodlawn. lawn. and we slide over further to theeast and havre de grace and port deposit and along i-95 getting in on wet weather and wet roads. you will want to take it easy on the roadways this morning. right now, temperatures are coming in on the mild side. 57 degrees in middle town westminster at 57 and 64 in stephenville so you don't need the heaviest coat but you need the rain gear. we will dry out going throughout the day and get a little sunshine as well. this is your planner as we work our way through the morning
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time around 9:00 temperatures at 65 degrees. drying out some and especially by lunchtime. mostly cloudy skies with the temperature coming in at 72 degrees. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. we have patchy fog out there as well. >> reporter: good morning. matchy can -- patchy fog is going to be a problem. reduced visibility and roadways will be wet from early this morning's storm. and howard couldn't cru-- county we have trouble in ellicott city war fallen utility pole has shut down. you want to use interstate 70. no problems on 70 from columbia pike to 695. and as we check in and look live outside, here on 695, at herbert road, everything up to -- liberty road, everything up to speed. nothing in your way traveling to route 40. in parkville at harford road no problems from parkville to towson. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. 4:32. the mta has a new polysus --
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policy causing controversy. if you ride the bus someone is watching and listening to your conversation. the question is raised does it make you safer or is it an invasion of privacy. abc2 news sherrie johnson has the story. i imagine they are doing this because there's a need. >> reporter: basically the mtawants to use cameras to beef up security. aid investigateddive tool with 10 on every bus. four outside and 6 inside that will record your every move and every word. the mta has always had surveillance video, but audio was not always off limits. that's until now. the mta says the passengers' safety is the top priority and last month's assault on a woman found the need to sound with a surveillance pictures. the practice is lawful training is underway for drivers and the first 10 buses equipped with the cameras hit the road with more than 300 others to follow in the next few months to come.
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american civil liberties union says the mta has gone too far. >> it shouldn't be a condition of riding a public bus in maryland or anywhere else that you give up your right and ability to have a private conversation. >> reporter: the mta says the recordings will only be kept for 30 days and no one will monitor every conversation. critics counter that once the conversation reach a data base government can used to be trusted to use it as it chooses. abc2 news imagine being in the privacy of your own home to discover you're being videotaped without knowing it. that's what happened to two howard county women. the peeping tom was crafty enough to break into the women's homes and install a came ray. he wasn't smart enough to -- camera. but he wasn't smart enough to keep it from rolling capturing pictures of himself. he walks through the stalling t inside a closet. police say he went back into the unit several times retrieving the videos of the
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two women living there both of whom are in their 20s and moving the camera to other locations. >> there doesn't appear to have been forced entry. so we are not sure how he gained access to the apartment and he apparently did it multiple times. >> the man is wearing what might be a work uniform. we have the videos and still photos on the website if you recognize this man, call howard county police at 410-31 3-3200. saying bye to a love one is hard but saying bye to five is devastating and that's the event that happened yesterday. this was the scene at mountpleasant church where hundreds gathered for the funeral of nancy worrell and her four grandchildren. five caskets lined the front row of the church. woreel's daughter described her mother as a giving woman and mayor tell any rawlings-blake was there. >> i love you and thank you.
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[audio not understandable] to my nieces and nephews i thank god for all of you. rest in peace. you will be missed. >> you said. [audio not understandable] for advice, for a word she is not there i know my time is running out but i want you to know she hears you and is with you. >> all five victims were buried together at dulaney memorial gardens. after the service investigators are trying to figure out the cause of the fire. this story is a reminder to all of us how dangerous driving can be. a prince george's county police officer was killed yesterday in a car accident officer kevin boden was off duty -- bowden was off duty when the vehicle
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crashed into another vehicle. they are investigating the cause of the crash. child sex abuse and the boy scouts. 14,000 pages filed now beingmade public. among the cases 90 in maryland, 16 in the baltimore area. they range from 1959 up to 200 #. this is the first -- 2004. this is the first time the documents have become public in many cases. they show local officials helping uncover or rather cover up the abuse allegations. the l.a. times created an interactive map for you showing where the abuse happened across the u.s. you can also see how many cases were opened up this year and most of them dating back to the late 80s and early 90s. you can search by city and by state. our scripps national investigative team are putting together the finishing touches of a 6 month investigation look into 30,000 of the files. we have obtained and reviewed for the first time you will see the magnitude of the sex abuse scapeddal and how some scouts pleads for -- scandal and how
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some scouts pleads for help were ignored. you will see it on abc2 news beginning october 28th. 4:37. the ravens are heading to the lone star state. on sunday the team takes on the houston texans. the last time these two teams met was in the division championship. and ravens won that game. the defense will look different this week. ray lewis and ladarius webb will not be on the field because they are injured. we may see terrell suggs. rumor has it he is going to play. he has been out all season with an injured achilles. kick off is at one. time for a check on your weather with lynette. >> all right. we are talking about some rain this morning as you see behind me this big swirl in the at who is fear across the mid -- atmosphere across the midwest. this upper-level low will begin to slide off towards the east. but stay to the north of us. so, the only thing that we will be dealing with today is this
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cold front that's where the line of showers will move through the area and after that, we should basically be drying things out. but as you step out the door this morning, you are dealing with the few scattered showers across the area in baltimore county and harbor and -- harford and cecil county and trying to come in anne arundel county. we will have that begin to taper off throughout the day. as you head out, don't forget the umbrella. you will need it by the afternoon evening you should be able to put it away. temperatures on the mild side. coming in at 62 degrees now in columbia. more of the same in college park. union bridge at 57 degrees this morning and chestertown 64 annapolis 64 and federalsburg close to 70. also we have patchy fog to talk about. mainly to the north and west as you step out and about. make sure you have the low beams on. megan and charley. relief at the pumps. >> gas prices are going down. so will this trend stick around for days, weeks and months to come?
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>> does it annoy you when the phone rings and it's a robo call? the government wants to put a end to the calls. >> you might have a mother, sister or a friend affected by breast cancer. i am live in hunt valley. what you can do this weekend to show your support. >> reporter: we are dealing with a crash on 95 in jessup. i am tracking the delays and we will have the complete time savor report coming up on good morning maryland.
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news time is 4:42. 40 are you walking for -- who are you walking for. >> two days until the race plenty of time for you and your friends to register and linda so is live this morning in hunt valley. big event coming up in two days. plenty of spaces still available. >> reporter: that's right. you can still register.
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we are inside here at the komen headquarters in hunt valley. and joining us is brittany fowler. still lots of availability right? >> there is. people can still register even up until race morning. we have a couple different options they can register. they can come here to hunt valley town center to do walk up registration and they can still register online up until 1 p.m. on saturday. and on race morning starting at 6 a.m. >> reporter: we are two days away how are things coming together. >> pretty well. we are looking forward to a wonderful day. the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. we are hoping we will get a registration push because of that. >> reporter: how did the-- do the numbers look you need people to come sign newspaper we are trending 30% down and we are making an appeal to the community to really come out and show support for the women of maryland to get them the services they need and deserve.
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>> reporter: so for the people who may be watching and say that might be a fun thing to do this weekend, tell us how coming out here would actually help in the -- end the cause for breast canser. >> any donations raised 75% of the funds stay in maryland and local and go to grand fund programs that provide education, screening, treatment and support services. that's everything from getting somebody a mammogram to providing meals or financial support for those who are undergoing treatment right now. >> reporter: great. tell us about the race day and what time things kick off here and what time people need to show up. >> the race opens at 6 a.m. the first race timed run is at 8 a.m. and the walk goes off at 8:30. and it's a festival atmosphere. we have sponsors out here with giveaways and bands and entertainment. so, really when we say it opens at 6 a.m. things get going after this. >> reporter: if people want to recommendationter last-minute where should they show up on race day. >> they can go online to
4:45 am and register there up until saturday at 1 p.m. or they can come out to hunt valley town center from noon to 7 p.m. today and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: wonderful. thanks for joining us this morning again you will be with us throughout the newscast this morning and again race day sunday. we will be here broadcasting it live on abc2. live in hunt valley, linda so, abc2 news. it will be a weekend filled with events honoring breast cancer awareness month. tonight is the 4th annual blink pink benefit. this is video from last year's festivities. this year's event celebrates the victory of breast cancer survivors and remember those who passed away from the disease. it raises money to help patients beat the odds and a benefit will take place with a cocktail hour at 6:30 and abc2 news sherrie johnson will be the emcee. the weekend is here and whether you are heading to race for the cure one of the many events happening this weekend you want to know how to
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prepare. >> lynn yit standing by with the forecast. hope -- lynette is standing by with the forecast. hopefully this morning is not a sign of the weekend. >> it's not. the wet weather will taper off throughout the day. sunday is going to be magnificent. let's talk about what's going on right now. because on maryland most powerful radar we are dealing with showers. along i-70 we are seeing some moderate rain now coming around to the north of columbia and moving up towards the north. traveling along i-83 this morning. we are dealing with some wet weather across the area heading towards jarrettsville. storms and showers are beginning to taper off. that's good news. we don't have to deal with the wet roads but for so long. temperatures are on the mild side this morning coming in at 65 degrees so. yes, you need the umbrella but you don't need the heavy coat as you head out the door. perry hall's temperature is at 61 and 60 in chum yeah and we are dealing with -- columbia and we are dealing with patchy fog in some areas. this is the setup heading
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throughout the day. we have the cold front now draped back around western maryland and this will slowly begin to work its way off towards the east. this will move through behind it. very breezy and it will be cooler once the front moves through by tomorrow. and then we see the big swirl that upper-level low that will track off towards the north. that will be on top of us. which will keep us in cloud cover as we head through tomorrow but we will get plenty sunshine especially by sunday. this is what future trend looks like a few showers hanging around at 8. and i am not going to rule out a chance for an isolated shower, light shower along the eastern shore as we head later into the afternoon. but mainly we should clear things out nicely and that will continue sunday looks good and that temperature today coming in right around 74 and it will be breezy. let's check the amount bc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, seems like it will be pretty good weather for the race for the cure this sunday. now that race in hunt valley is going to shut down many roads beginning at 6:00 in the morning on sunday.
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the eastbound lanes of shawan will be shut down at york. and other roads affected are going to be gilroy and shilling road and beaver dam road for a complete list of the road closures go to abc to muse -- and there are free shuttles bringing you to the main race tent. that will be on the website. use the light rain to avoidcongestion. we have problems on the road. a crash at 95 along the northbound lanes at route 175 in jessup. if you are using 695, this is what it looks like on the west side of baltimore national pike. everything moving right along again the road really going to be wet. so be extra careful as you head out. this is what the beltway looks like at parkville at harford road. no problems towards towson. that's traffic megan and charley over to you. five things to know as you head out the door. lawyers for jerry sandusky has filed an appeal in the sexual assault convention. the former penn state assistant football coach claims his lawyers didn't have enough time
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to prepare and the statute of limitation for some of the charges expired. tonight on 20/20 victim number one talks about the struggling to have the allegations taken seriously. george zimmerman has another court appearance. he is charged in the shooting death of an unarmed teen. this is in florida. the trial is now set for june 2013. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty calling the shooting self-defense. good news if you have to fill up for the 10th straight day the price of gas has gone down. the national average is 3.74 analyst athis could mark the -- analysts say this could mark the beginning of the autumn decrease. the week long festival brought in 166 million dollars. about 98 million of that was spent by visitors to the state. the federal trade commission wants to end the robo calls and they are turning to you for help. the agency is offering 50,000 dollars to anyone who can come
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up with the best technical solution that would block illegal prerecorded phone pitches. if you are looking for something to do with the family this weekend, you might want to head to the nation's capital. >> it's going to be a big tour. what visitors can expect when they are treated through a walk- - to a walk through the white house this weekend. >> reporter: the presidential candidates took to the same stage for the second time this week. i am in washington with more on why the candidates traded jabs for jokes this go around. >> and our mobile app will come in handy this morning with the showers and storms right now you can track them and all you have to do is down load the app butwe have showers around maryland but back off towards the west. if you want to follow those and get the storms where crowe -- where you live, down load the app and i will talk about the race for the cure coming up. don't go anywhere. good morning maryland will be right back.
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with 18 days until the election voters are getting an opportunity to see es in a diff light. last night president obama and governor mitt romney put pole text aside to attend a charity event and both candidates let loose. >> i can't. >> reporter: it's an election that has seen its fair share of fighting moments. hard to forget the heated exchanges between the two at tuesday's second presidential debate. >> i had a question and the question was. >> you want me to answer the question and i am happy. >> reporter: for the second time this week, the two candidates shared a stage in new york. but this time it had a very different feel. >> what are we doing here? >> reporter: since 1948, it's been a time honored tradition for presidential candidates to speak at the alfred e. smith dinner. they took a break from throwing jabs and served up one-liners. >> it's nice to relax and wear
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what ann and i wear around the house. >> it's a lot more energy in the second debate. i wasel are well rested after the long nap it's in the first debate. >> and i seen early reports from tonight's dinner. headline, obama embraced by catholics. romney dines with rich people. >> earlier today, i went shopping at some stores in midtown. i understand governor romney went shopping for some stores in midtown. >> reporter: so for one night the election took a lighter tone. today it's back to battleground state campaigning. president obama goes to virginia and mitt romney heads to florida. in washington, i am tory dunnan now back to you. >> and as a reminder, the election is november 6th. there's a fun free event this weekend with activities for the entire family and tomorrow you can take part in the 5th annual harvest fest at the west shore park in baltimore. there's

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